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Hello and Welcome to my Bloggy…….

15 May

Hello, I am 24 years old and a mother to a Beautiful 2 year old little boy named Kamari. I am a student majoring in Surgical Technician and Nursing, and a full time employee of life. I am currently working as and Certified Nursing Assistant, life can be hard when your juggling work, school, friends, relationships and most of all motherhood. Sometimes I wonder where does this all fit in, because these are life’s of different spectrums. How do u find your fashionista when your covered in poo? How do you go for a night out on the town with your girls, while still being a perfect mother, not to mention lover? How do you ace an final when little wee one is in power ranger mode sun rise to fall? There are so many more fun filled questions, how to’s, don’t do’s and funny little sophisticated moments I would love to share with you in my Day in the Life of Kamari’s Mommie Diary, vlog, Blog. I hope you join me for a fun filled emotional, yet inspirational Blog……enjoy!!! *MUAH*